I started college at Minot State University in 2011, but transferred to University of North Dakota fall of 2012, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature with a minor in Linguistics. Over my academic career, I have studied Spanish at length and dabbled in German, French, and American Sign Language.

For graduate school, I moved to Boston to attend Emerson College, where I completed a Master of Arts in Publishing & Writing, with special emphasis on digital and web development. Alongside courses on traditional print publishing, both book and periodical, I learned how to build websites and create functional, dynamic ebooks, as well as how to use various Adobe Creative Cloud programs, such as DreamWeaver, InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator.

I began my professional editorial career at TechTarget, headquartered just outside of Boston. I worked as the Assistant Site Editor for one of my media group’s busiest websites for two years, after which I was promoted to Associate Site Editor.

I have also done freelance copywriting for a small, independent web development company, MV Designs, for which I have produced content on solar panels, construction, carpentry, an island tour company and more.

My resumé is available via the link below.

I grew up on a farm in North Dakota. It was not terribly exciting, but it was formative. I grew up in a family of five, surrounded by wildlife, pastures, fields and livestock, played in the mud, worked in the garden, and got hurt on farm equipment (rarely).

Throughout school, I leaned heavily into my music education and practiced on 5 different instruments. I also participated in high school speech competitions, led plays for drama, and raced (poorly) in track and field. I was also a cheerleader for one season of basketball; I still can’t pin down my feelings on that.

My hobbies include fiber crafts (crochet and cross-stitch in particular), jewelry making, makeup artistry, writing, water color (I’m not very good, but my grandma says I have natural talent, pfffthahaha), and music. I have a pet corn snake named Aurora, who I have had since my senior year of college; she is approximately 4 feet long and sassier than you’d think a snake could be. And my partner and I parent a wealth of plants and enjoy gardening.

As of May 2018, I run the Reading Queer book club, a primarily online–based book club that focuses on Queer+ literature written by Queer+ authors, with a special emphasis placed on voices of color. The only method to increase content in a venue is to support and consume it, and thus the club was born. Reading Queer book reviews will all be listed on the Reading Queer page.

Additionally, I maintain a blog on which I review the literature that I read. Although the intent to update regularly is certainly there, life often stands in the way with its challenges and time sinks (and, you know, work), so it comes in fits and starts. All book reviews for literature unrelated to the Reading Queer book club will reside on the Reading for Life page.

Note: Already published reviews will be imported to their appropriate pages from Wordpress.